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I donno If I can manage to get anything up this month.

June has brought a new job with a bit of a commute and I have not really made the adjustment well yet.
I am moving so weekends and week evenings are full of moving related stuff.
Then last weekend was Sweden's (national day?) Then there is Midsummer next weekend. a Northen holiday.
Birthdays friends, family, everyday stuff... I'm sorry.

We'll see. It'll be a herculean feat if anything is made at all let alone finished ^^;

I hope in July things will have settled down abit
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  • Reading: se listning
  • Watching: Nerdcubed and EnterElysium
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  • Drinking: Coca Cola (the cool fizzy coffee)

Tea ”Clean cups, clean cups” new clothes ;)



I LOVE THESE! Always brightens my day when someone enters Serra Eager

:star: revamp I would like to see entries for these characters:star: revamp

Green Square Bullet Esmeralda: She likes to dress like a 80s Madonna with an emphasis on women's power.
Green Square Bullet Rapunzel:
modest hems, long sleeves, wholesome but adorable style.
Green Square Bullet Charlotte: Happy, Pretty, romantic, high fashion, princess. It must cost her father to let her dress like that.
Green Square Bullet Flynn: Knows he is handsome and likes to dress as the rascal he is. harmless bad boy. Cheeky and charming.
Green Square Bullet Kuzco: A fashionista with earnings and usually some head ornament, he always looks sharp and expensive.

Green Square Bullet Phoebus: A charming jock who thinks he's funny. I want a print that would annoy Esmeralda but not make ME hate him. Tongue-in-cheek, not offensive.

Fish Tip: I enjoy reference based and or funny prints. And reading comments after I've drawn the winners, so does the viewers :D (Big Grin):D (Big Grin)
Fish Tip2: Write the characters name next to the clothing to be super clear who it is, no need to draw character details, some entries have featured "manikins" or faceless fingerless humanoids :)

Purple Square Bullet You may submit one design per character if you so wish,  (please do:eager: by darkmoon3636 )
  one per page or all on one page, no matter
Yellow Square Bullet The designs must be drawn, self-made (You don’t have to draw the character it self,be creative but make the design clear)It may not be in written, Polyvore or doll form.
Red Square Bullet Last submission date May 20
. Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! 20/05 Arrow Bullet Left (Red Orange) - F2U! Arrow Bullet Left (Red Orange) - F2U! Exclamation mark
Blue Square Bullet ”winners" will be presented in upcoming comics and revealed as the character appears. (Maybe not the next one and may be featured in more then one)

Pink Square Bullet Leave a link to the design here in the comments.

Emote king - :emoteking: Remember, I alone judge and rule. May I be a gracious judge.:lovesquee: 
Good luck!

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  • Watching: Aavak and Nerdcubed
  • Playing: Judge
  • Eating: Yes
  • Drinking: Coffee, Always Coffee!!!

Hi internet!!!

I’m in one of them quirky moods pumped up on coffee, Tumblr is stagnant and I’m a bit bored. SIGH 

So I love you guys and I know you are all interesting people sitting around computers killing time or wish I would update or lost and wondering who I am ^^

Since I got on here many years ago and built up my little following I’ve been receiving rants and tibits of information about you guys and things you care about. Mostly you’ve apologised...
NOT KNOWING I LOOooooVE odd bits of knowledge.Ultra Excitement 


Are You Happy yay So to amuse me and each other, do please write something odd fact, quirky tidbit or short fun story in the comments and help kill boredom. :jumpingjacks: 


A joke maybe? Odd word you learnt the other day, the origin of bagpipes?
To start us of I'll give three
Happy Time 

Here is my contributions:

:grinstareeyes: In Sweden we have a fun saying, straight off bad translation:
I have a feeling there are owls in the bog / I perceive owls on the moor
Which translates to
I think there may be mischief a foot.
No, I have no Idea where that saying comes form, Owls don’t like the bogs, then again that may be it..?Happy 


:grinstareeyes: I mainly learnt English from listening to books and watching movies.
I found out recently that these sayings are a bit wrong and only work on the fictional fantasy world of Discworld. I thought them real. Oops emote 

Bullet; Black A leopard can’t change his shorts
Bullet; Black Pull the other one, it got bells on
Bullet; Black It will all go Wahoonie shaped


:grinstareeyes: Fun English words:

Zoilist – a (possibly) too harsh critic
Psithurism – the sound of rustling leaves
Flenches – is what weather does when it seems like it’s gonna be one way and the changes abruptly.
                             Trixy weather...


Do restrain yourself and not spam us with a large chunk of text as that is quite intimidating to read ^^; ;P

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  • Watching: Aavak and Nerdcubed
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  • Drinking: Coffee, Always Coffee!!!

Edit: It's okay. We're back to normal. No one panic, it was a just a glitch in the matrix :D

:LK-paranoid: Okay Kitties, fess up.Paranoid Emoticon -first ever 

  I love it. I do, but tell me what happened. Revamped: Clueless +plz 


In the last three days my veiwership has increased with 300% and I have received 36 new watchers compared to the 11 the three days before that.  :baffled:


baffledmeowWhat happened on march the 31 that brought everyone here?


I’m very pleased and happy but seriously confused and suffering slightly from conspiracy theories. :paranoid: 
Something happened with DAs counting? Have I been featured somewhere? Did someone really DA famous fav me?

 :paranoid: rvmp 

Who or what did this? Tell me!!!help 


'Huh' smiley :question: confused And the question is.... MARIO BROS PREGUNTA ? Confused. edited :huh: 

Love you all Kitties

Yours confounded
Paranoid Emoticon 

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  • Watching: Aavak
  • Eating: painted eggs
  • Drinking: Wine

:drumroll:  Drum-roll if you please...

These are the 4 people who have all won my 2 contests. They have also been sent a note regarding them winning each contest.


First Prize Winner Drawing Contest Winner isFirst Prize Winner 
(Waltzing rose)
Morloth88's Birthday Contest by emeraldroses394

:winner: remake Colouring Contest
Purple butterfly bullet Purple butterfly of awesome Winner is
(Pocca n Snowie)
  Ariel and Rapunzel (Morloth88 colouring contest) by Orpherilia(Rapunzel)

super tiny wing (flipped):star: revampsuper tiny wing Flying golden star prize Winner is
(SealCat 3)
Morloth's 2015 Coloring Contest Entry: Vanessa by Nyxity
Heart2 Rainbow bouncy heart Prize Winner is
Colouring Contest Entry : Morloth88 by KrasnyZmeya

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  • Watching: Cityskyline let's plays.
  • Playing: Judge
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  • Drinking: Coffee, Always Coffee!!!

Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] It’s that time again, when we spend time worshipping appreciating ME! Everybody Bounce now -  King 
I’ve had a birthday contests for six years now? That makes it Annual! yay 

Yellow Square Bullet  Drawing ContestRed Square Bullet 

To enter draw me something based of ONE of these three things
Silver Square Bullet My(our) Harry potter OC(s) meet yours
Silver Square Bullet A complealty non canon DHS shipping
Silver Square Bullet I know Lina(me) hates this so I will please her by hurting it.

First Prize Winner Prize: Picture of two characters of your choice (in colour OR with background OR two extra characters)

Blue Square Bullet Colouring contestPurple Square Bullet  

To enter you must colour max TWO of these line drawings for me

Colouring contest

Heart2 Rainbow bouncing heart Prize: A coloured half body pic of any character
(if 10+ entries)
super tiny wing (flipped):star: revampsuper tiny wing  Golden winged star Prize: A blacknwhite full body drawing any character
(if 20+ entries)
Purple butterfly bullet Purple butterfly of awesome Prize:  2 BnW character busts

Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! Bullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedRULESBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedArrow Bullet Left (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet Left (Rainbow) - F2U!

Fish You submit a link to your entry here in this journal comments  Down Arrow 
Fish You may enter both contest but only
one entry in the drawing one and
max two in the colouring contest :)
Fish Last day of submission is the Exclamation mark Exclamation mark 13
of march,Exclamation mark Exclamation mark  my birthdayExclamation mark. Have your cake and eat it too
Fish I am the supreme judge, jury and prize manufacturer, All hail me.Emote king - :emoteking: :worships2: :worships2: :worships2:


la in love Good luckCheerleader 
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  • Reading: Book
  • Watching: Russell Howard - Wonderbox
  • Playing: Judge
  • Drinking: Coffee, Always Coffee!!!!

Reading So it’s been a month in to the new  year and I have read lots of books and want to read more.I Run...with BOOKS 
Anyone got a book to recommend?

Last year (same date?! Freaky) I asked if you had any books to recommend.

Some I read, somewhere awesome. Some…not my thing. We’re all different. Shrug 
One of you recommended Twilight, Stare that wasn’t funny. Okay a bit funny, ;) But I wanna read good books.


So what am I looking for?
Final Fantasy job change Fantasy. I like smart fantasy, gritty fantasy, funny fantasy, epic fantasy. I like Fantasy.
Bullet; Blue Terry Pratchett, (Discworld books)
Bullet; Blue Brandon Sanderson, (Minstborn, Elantris, Warbreaker)
Bullet; Blue Patrick  Ruthfuss, (Kingkiller chronicles)
Bullet; Blue Scott  Lynch, (Gentlemen bastard series)
Bullet; Blue Joe Abacrombie,  (first law)
Bullet; Blue Jim Butcher,  (Dresden files)
Bullet; Blue Robin Hobb. (Farseer trilogy)
I like those authors and can recommend them.
(Am saving song of Ice and fire till after the TV show has ended)

Blush Also I like Historical Romances with frilly dresses. I am trying to not be ashamed… it’s not working… :ashamed: revamp
Bullet; Pink Courtney Milan, (the Brothers Sinister)
Bullet; Pink Sarah McLean, (Love by numbers, Rules of scoundrels)
Bullet; Pink Maya Rodale, (Writing girls, Bad boys and wallflowers)
Bullet; Pink Julia Quinn, (Smith-Smythe Quartet)
Bullet; Pink Julia London, (Desperate debutantes)
 I like those authors
and gonna recommend them.

 Rainy Reading 

So I’ve still gone off Young adult (books aimed at teenagers and post teens) I donno why, maybe ‘cuz I’m not the demographic anymore. 
I can recommend tons though…

So if you know anything I should look in to do share. I’ll look in to all suggestions.:book 

It doesn’t have to be in my favourite genre, it might be awesome anyways!
Please tell me if you got anything!! 'Throw the book at someone' 

  • Mood: Eager
  • Listening to: Nope, Ain't got no new book
  • Reading: Looking for new book!!!
  • Watching: Nerdcubed?
  • Playing: does the internet have book taste?
  • Eating: Snitzel
  • Drinking: Coffee, Always Coffee!!!!

I drew a reference filled Disney picture in honour of my 42th (official) Disney comic strip.
Found here
I drew it as a lover of nerd and geek culture seeing as 42 is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.  ( Douglas Adam’s Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy)

We’ve all have fun with the oodles and oodles of references depictured in the piece, me making them and you finding them. Almost as a game.
So I thought I’d give you the “answers” .

Ariel  (overall theme: sci-fi)
Book: T
he long teatime of the soul by Douglas Adams
Earrings – Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy movie’s Marvin heads
T-shirt – Hitchhiker’s Guide to the galaxy’s Vogons + Dead Poets society movie.
Pointer – Starwars, Luke Skywakers’s lightsaber
Jeans Patch – Starwars, Chewbacca
Jeans Patch – Star trek, Starfleet insignia
Jeans Patch – A Stargate
Jeans Patch – Firefly logo
Jeans Patch – 42 from Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
Jeans Patch – 626 aka Disney’s Stitch
for extra points as I wasn’t thinking of them:
Coat - firefly
– Harry potter Quidditch goggles

Belle (overall theme: Fantasy)
The blade itself & Best served cold by Joe Abercrombie
Earrings – Lord of the rings, souron’s the one ring
Bracelet/necklace – Lord of the rings, Arwen’s necklace “the Evenstar”
Necklace –Never ending story, The Auryn
Broach – Indiana Jones, Chachapoyan Fertility idol
shirt – Game of thrones, House Tyrell’s flower  + Queen’s “Another one bites the dust”
Skirt –Discworld, Granny Weatherwax quote.
Leggings – Eflquest, Leetah & Cutter
Shoes – Xena the warrior princess logo
Bag - Princess Bride quote
Pin – Rocky Horror picture show logo.

Milo (overall theme: ? geek? misc?)
Name of the wind by Patrick Rothfuss
Tv show dvds:
Black books & Firefly
Sweater – Harry Potter, Ravenclaw symbol.
T-shirt – Stargate Atlantis logo
Keychain – Monkey island quote
Bag – Game developer company, Daedalic entertainment.
Bag pin – Marvel, Captain America’s shield
Bag graffiti – Harry Potter’s glasses and scar
Bag graffiti – Read Dwarf made up swearword SMEG
Bag graffiti – Marvel, Avenger’s A
Plushie – Sam and Max, Max

Esmeralda (overall theme: Strong female character)
Kushiel’s dart by Jacqueline Carey
Bow ornament – Star trek, Uhura
Earring- Buffy the vampire slayer’s B
Shirt – Buffy The vampire slayer’s logo + lord of the rings’ Eowyn
Belt buckle- Nintendo’s Samus Aran
Skirt – Tankgirl logo
Tights – Alien, Xenomorphs, year of release,  Ripley’s name.
Bag – Marvel, X-men’s Emma Frost

Jane (overall theme: Comics)
To say nothing of the dog by Connie Willis
Book(2): Nine rules to break when romancing a rake by Sarah McLean
Hair ornament – DC, Wonder woman’s W
Earring – Marvel, Deadpool’s face
T-shirt – Marvel, X-men’s X23
Ring & sweatband – Asterix’s  helmet & Obelix’s trousers
Tights – Avartar, the four elements’ symbols
Shoes – Elfquest logo

Rapunzel (overall theme: Feels)
The lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch
Hair ornament – Game of thrones, symbol of hand of the king
Pin – Walking dead logo
Pullover – Dr. Horrible sing along blog logo
Skirt – The Hobbit, Fili & Kili
Socks – Supernatural, demon ward
Shoes – Dr Who, tenth doctor tributes and quote
Tissue box– Disney, Lilo and Stitch tribute.
Plushie - Deponia trilogy, Rufus

Did you get them all?

(No I didn’t stick religiously to the themes, I failed)

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  • Listening to: Nope
  • Reading: Looking for new book
  • Watching: The Help
  • Eating: Nope
  • Drinking: Coffee, Always Coffee

As your benevolent dictator comic artist I have decided to swoop about a bit in the scrip and put you out of your misery and change day and reveal the big secret at comic 42 or 43… 42!? :geekflirt: We are not doing for 42, :imsmart: we are saving 42 for a nerdspecial. So 43 or 44.

:tribblela: This means new clothes!

Contest contest contest!:omgomg: 

:star: revamp I would like to see entries for these nice people:star: revamp

Green Square Bullet Rapunzel: modest hems, long sleeves, wholesome but adorable style.
Green Square Bullet Pocahontas: Dresses like a classic hippie but if you could add some more fashion and less hobo, you's be my hero.
Green Square Bullet Jane: Think like someone who shops at stores like Monki and likes to dress like a mix between a stylish kindergarden teacher and a real happy hipster. 
Green Square Bullet Tiana: No nonsens but likes to feel pretty. make it simple so a stressed over-achiever can trow on while stressing about. Add selfpromote button.

Fish Tip: I enjoy reference based and or funny prints. And reading comments after I've drawn the winners, so does the viewers :D:D

Purple Square Bullet You may submit one design per character if you so wish (please do:eager: by darkmoon3636 )
Yellow Square Bullet The designs must be drawn, self-made (You don’t have to draw the character it self,be creative but make the design clear)It may not be in written, Polyvore or doll form.
Red Square Bullet Last submission date January 27
. Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! 27/01 Arrow Bullet Left (Red Orange) - F2U! Arrow Bullet Left (Red Orange) - F2U! Exclamation mark
Blue Square Bullet ”winners" will be presented in upcoming comics and revealed as the character appears. (Maybe not the next one and may be featured in more then one)

Pink Square Bullet Leave a link to the design here in the comments.

Emote king - :emoteking: May my supreme beauty, greatness, intelligence and air of genius decide your entry(ies) are the most fun/suiting.:lovesquee: 
Good luck!

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  • Reading: see Listening
  • Watching: Forever (Watch it with me!....Duckface!!!)
  • Eating: nonstop. I can't stop. MORE!
  • Drinking: Coffee with cream

I’m dyslexic light, so that’s gonna be evident here…

Took me an age to write. Hope someone finds it interesting ^^;


1. What does your Deviantart name mean and why?
Moloth88. Morloth it’s Quenya (tolkien’s high elvis) meaing Dark flower, I have (a rarly used) fan-character of the same name and I used her name. 88…I was born in 1988. ‘cuz I’m old.

2. What fandom were you obsessed with when you joined and what are you into now?
When I joined It was Lord of the rings, Harry Potter and Disney that were the big three. Unless you count Discword and Elfquest, ‘cuz that’s a life time love.
Change? Not perticularly good at that. I have fads that come and go and even if the abominable Hobbit movies came they didn’t tarnishmy LotR love… 

3. How many watchers do you have now?
3315. I think it has gone down? if not it will after you read this ^^;

4. Name 3 4 of your favorite artists on DA.
Though one But I get real happy when these update :iconcaptbexx: :iconnebezial: :iconpika-la-cynique: :icongingeropal: And soo many more! 3 is evil and 4 is still not enough!!
5. Or lack thereof, move along…
I don’t understand the question. Is it like least favourite? Why would I keep track of that? Why would I hunt down bad art or people and then remember that? I have bad memory I need all the storage space I have!
6. Do you participate in clubs' contests here on dA?
I’m in lots of clubs. 34 Clubs. I have only ever entered two clubs contests. :iconharrypotter-fangroup: and I keep entering :icondisney-club:’s contests.
7. What is your most popular submission?
Disney Women. It’s old(2008)but still popular…
8. What are your favorite non-anime TV shows?
Currently it’s “Forever”. I love a crime of the week show that isn’t dark as a November night. I was very fond of “Castle” the first seasons as well.  Favourite tv shows change often I think, The writing can so quickly do a full 180 on us.
9. What are the things you wish you could draw better?
Backgrounds, More interesting Poses, Hands, feet, SHOES! God damn shoes are a bane on our society… Folds in clothing, knees and elbows… I can go on. Of course I can. It said Better after all.
10. Summer or winter?
11. Rain or Sun?
12. What's your favourite type of music?
Oh gods, I’m gonna loose all my viewers now :’(.
I’m not much in to music, I couldn’t tell you who snag what or which band did which song or even what genre they belong to ^^; it frustrates my near ones no end.
I manly listen to Musical songs or Rock.
13. PC or Mac
PC. Mac isn’t for the mainstream or for gamers.
14. Anime or Manga?
Manga. I’m all about comics Manga or western style.
15. Coke or Pepsi?
Coca Cola. I’m addicted.
16. Read or TV?
Read, well listen in my case.  I a without the vast majority of books most of my life as the stupid letters stood in the way of some of the greatest stories ever so when I could find any audio books I listened. I must have been the most educated in the Swedish classic child you could find before Audble and my nose dive in to less highbrow stuff. Back when, there weren’t many books read in apart from the classics. Now I always listen to a book. I’m always in the middle of at least one, sometimes two. TV? I like British TV, their comedians make for fun talk shows :)
17. How many hours a day do you spend on dA?
Let’s never find out.
18. Name a talent.
Singing? Dancing? Am I not getting this?
Rosalyn Landor is an amazing narrator to listen to? Will that do?

19. Flash or traditional cartoons?

20. What is your favorite fast food restaurant?
Mmm I’m not loving it.

21. What are your top 3 favorite books?(not mangas)
WHY are you doing this to me??? What have I ever done you to limit me to three?!
Any Discworld book by sir Terry Pratchett.
The King Killer cronicals by Patrick Rosfus
Mistborn series By Brandon Sanderson

22. Wii or PlayStation?

23. Name 3 of your favorite bands/singers.
Can I cry now? :( I donno. I haven’t beein in to one band per say, I haven’t since one could pick and choose favourite songs for albums or bands and not suffer through the rest.

Phantom of the Opera? The book of Mormon makes me laugh? Fall out boy is easy listening? Disney? Kiss? Aerosmith? Status Que?

24. Are you a fast, slow, or medium typer?
SLOooooow, I misspeall and question the language too much to be fast.

25. Do you like Denny's?
Who? Denny’s what? What does he have?

26. What is your favorite smiley?
Happy Crazy ones. Woohooooo! evil plotting EVIL Laughter! 

27. What is your favorite type of pie?
Raspberry or Rhubarb Crumble.

28. Have you ever stayed up for 24 hours?
Proboly but not that I can remember (terrible memory me). I like sleeping and I need it to function. I have such a bad temper othwise.

29. Do you go on dA a lot?

30. Are you a member on any other sites besides DA?
Twitter and Tumblr mainly…

31. Do you cosplay?
I can’t be trusted with a needle and thread. I have no skill in that area but I do think it’s amazing what people can do :)

32. Fruits or sweets?
Chocolate. In almost all forms. Sometimes people have bastardise it with raisins or alcohol and ruined the poor chocolate.  

33. Buttered, plain, or salted popcorn?
Buttered. Almost anything eatable is better with butter.

34. Have you skipped school?
Yes. Did I mention I love sleeping?
35. Have you been on a plane?
Yes. I am quite the seasoned flyer :shrug:

36. Have you swam in an ocean?
Yes, Mostly the Atlantic and Mediterranean sea (If that’s not an ocean I blame my appalling geography knowlage).
37. Have you been ice skating?
Yes, I’m a Swede, done skiing and suffered through winter sports almost yearly.

38. Favorite vacation spot?
If I vacation I like to go to big cities where there are Museums and Shows and good nerdy shopping to  be had. You can have your beaches and sun all to your selves.

39. Ever been on TV?
Nope, not to my knowlage
40. Favorite salad and dressing?
Bacon? No, no one wonders why I’m a big girl.

41. What do you do to relax?
Sit alone and draw with a book in my ears or sleep.

42. What is the last film you saw in the theater?
The last of the Hobbit moves. Also known as Legolas 2, the fanboy saga.

43. Favorite Sandwich?
Bauggette with salad, shrimpsallad, eggs and nom nom nom.

44. If you could go anywhere in the world…
Japan’s Disney land. Then I’d have visited them all. Or Orlando Florida and go to all the theameparks again but now they have Harry Potterr land!!

45. Favorite time of the day?

46. What did you want to be when you were little?
A princess, Ballerina, Actress, director, comedian in that order.
47. What do you want to be now?
Socially apt.  to not suffer from foot in mouth disease and say the right things and get hints.

48. If you could eat with one person, who would it be?
Sir Terry Pratchett, Wendy Pini  and like a score of actors and actresses.

49. What character would you hate to be stuck in a room with?
Some narrow minded, anti feminist, homophobic, racist bastard that was bigger than me.

50. When is your birthday?
13 of March.

51. Favourite type of ice cream?
I’m going off Ice cream, it’s so sweet, I’m more in to Sorbet now, Lemon sorbet is the bee’s knees.

52. Last book you read?
I’m not owning up to it as it was a very smutty historical romance. It was great.
53. Which store would you max out a credit card at?
Frobidden planet, Sci-fi bokhandlen, Disney store?

54. Do you buy / sell / both on eBay.
On the Swedish equivalent, yes.

55. What is the most annoying thing people ask you?
Here? To add another character to a finished picture.

56. Favourite all time movie? Surly you mean MOVIES!
I think this is crule. Picking favourites in all genres and not by genres…

The little Mermaid, LotR, V for Vendetta, the Prestige… And more.

57. What was your favourite show when you were a kid?
The Addams Familey, Brace Face, DARKWING DUCK!!!

58. What are you listening to right now?
Another smaefully smutty historical Romance cuz the I’m waiting out my Audble membership so I can switch back to the Uk one and get acsess to the fantasy books I wanna read…. Also I love smutty Historical romances… the shame.

59. What is the last thing you ate?
Home made hamburgure with avocado and hot mustard.

60. If you were a crayon what color would you be?
Electric blue.

61. What is the first thing you notice about another person?
Hair, piercing, tattoos and eyes.

62. Favorite sport to play?
Sarcasm off? Guess the moives quote? Explain sport…

63. Favorite Day of the Year?
My birthday or Christmas…

64. Hugs or Kisses?
I’m a hugger. If we are known to each other be aware of the hugger.
65. Vanilla or Chocolate?
Choclate. Warm in cup, or a nice Marabu bar with nutts.

66. Favorite Board Game?

67. Favorite smells?
Hugs or newly backed cinnamon buns.

68. What inspires you?
Art, movies, jokes, people, books and stories.

69. Do you have any piercings?

70. How many siblings do you have?
one Brother.

71. Bacon Bits or Croutons?
Put some bacon on it.

72. Favorite Day of the Week?
Friday. The day off possibilities.

73. Favorite phrase?
Procrastinators unite! Tomorrow!” or “If? If is good” if that fails a interesting and witty insult or swear always impresses me. Goo Shakespeare and Wilde!

74. Favorite Restaurant?
Tai food is my favourite at the moment.

75. Favorite animal?
Fluffy minuscule dog.

76. Favorite thing to do outside?
Go inside.
77. Favorite thing to do when it's raining?
Be inside. Or If it’s a warm summer day, swim in a lake or such.

78. Favorite Disney character?
Ariel. Followed By Meg, Belle and Sgt Calhoun

79. Do you like coffee? If so, what is your favorite brand?
I live on coffee. Dark roast Arvid Norqvist. Home brew for the win.


Tag others? Gosh no… do as you wish my pretties

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Come With Me Clean cup! Clean cup! New clothes! Change seats! Run Away 

:heart: rvmp I like to get help with clothing design for my Disney high school comic. It brightens my dayand spurs me on when people engage themselves in my little comic.  Sometimes I use the design once, other times more than that.. it’s really quite random…Emoticons vol.04   

:star: revamp I would like to see entries for these nice people:star: revamp

Green Square Bullet Ariel: extraterrestrial enthusiast, likes lots of accessories, antennas, is eccentric.
Green Square Bullet Vanessa: Craves attention, likes brands, wants to be the hottest thing in school.
Green Square Bullet Belle: Book lover, wears glasses. Think librarian. Stylish.
Green Square Bullet Rapunzel: modest hems, long sleeves, wholesome but adorable style.
Green Square Bullet Eric:  Guitarist, popular, rich, a real nice guy.

Fish Tip: I enjoy reference based and or funny prints.

Purple Square Bullet You may submit one design per character if you so wish (please do:eager: by darkmoon3636 )
Yellow Square Bullet The designs must be drawn, self-made (You don’t have to draw the character it self,be creative but make the design clear)It may not be in written, Polyvore or doll form.
Red Square Bullet Last submission date November 10
. Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! 10/11  Arrow Bullet Left (Red Orange) - F2U! Arrow Bullet Left (Red Orange) - F2U! Exclamation mark 
Blue Square Bullet ”winners" will be presented in upcoming comics and revealed as the character appears. (Maybe not the next one and may be featured in more then one)

Pink Square Bullet Leave a link to the design here in the comments.

New plot line! Yaaaay :happybounce: 

I thrive on these contest! May the ods be ever in your favour Cheerleader 
wink And As I am judge...may I be be ever in your favourgrin wink 

Monkey Juggle + PLZ 


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I have a premonition that this one will get fewer entries than the last…:shakes head sadly: 

:grinwoo: Anyways, I hold a little competition/blatant ask for help to design clothing for my little Disney Highschool comic now and then. Sometimes I use the design once, other times more than that.. it’s really quite random….

This time it’s all about boys, young men, hormone-sacks or the male variety…
 :star: revamp  Please design for :star: revamp
Green Square Bullet 
Milo  Bookish, nerdy, shy type. likes vintage games.

Green Square Bullet Jimbo  Adventurous, in to extreme sports, aliens, pirates and is a bit surly.
Green Square Bullet Eric  Guitarist, secret romantic, dresses well but not too flashy .
Green Square Bullet Aladdin  Baggy trousers and some headdress, got a rebellious streak and a funny bone. 
Green Square Bullet Beast   He thinks he’s a rebel. He thinks he’s a badboy… rough dark clothes.
Green Square Bullet Eugene  A well dressed Cassanova, will a good streak of mischief and a flirty smile.

Fisha tip: I enjoy funny and/or refernence based prints.

Yellow Square Bullet You may submit one design per character if you so wish (please do :eager: by darkmoon3636)
Purple Square Bullet the designs must be drawn (self-made) and not in written, Polyvore or doll form. NOT amused 
Red Square Bullet Last submission date: the 30
th of August. 30
/8!!! Arrow Bullet Left (Red Orange) - F2U! Arrow Bullet Left (Red Orange) - F2U! Arrow Bullet Left (Red Orange) - F2U! Arrow Bullet Left (Red Orange) - F2U! 
Blue Square Bullet "winners" will be presented in the upcoming comic. (and may be featured in more)
Pink Square Bullet Leave a link to the design here in the comments.

Maybe it wasn’t many strips since they changed clothes but it’s a content thing… you’ll get it when you see the 39th comic for which this is planed.
la in love I love these contests. Good luck!!

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Failed idea  I’ve been thinking… I know, bad sign ;P

Anywhoo I wonder if you guys wouldn’t mind giving me some suggestions.
You are usually so very helpful Joy Love Emote 

I might not use all of these but as I haven’t planed out who should work as what… So maybe they won’t all be used but in case I need them for a scene or a joke I have them… :blah: 

What characters should work at the school and as what?

Red Square Bullet   English/literature teacher - Cobra Bubbles
Red Square Bullet   Maths teacher
  - Merlin
Red Square Bullet  Principal/ headmaster -secret identity 
Red Square Bullet  Home economics -
Red Square Bullet  Arts and crafts - Gepetto
Red Square Bullet   Lunch person
Cookie (Atlantis)
Red Square Bullet  Social studies - Jafar
Red Square Bullet Janitor - Fix-It-Felix
Red Square Bullet Coach and P.E. teacher - Tamora Calhoun
Red Square Bullet P.E. teachers aid - Li Shang
Red Square Bullet   Natural sciences teacher - Carl F. Muntz
Red Square Bullet Music / choir leader - Fanny Robbinson (Meet the robinssons)
Red Square Bullet Nurse –
secret Identaty
Red Square Bullet 
Drama teacher - Dr. facilier

I wrote all the teachers and professions I could think of but if you think of more, do tell… ^^; It wasn’t yesterday I finished high school.  I shouldn’t count, I feel old nowGranny 

Darlings Thank you :bowkiss:
Alas Ursula is never going to aprear (unless I make her Vanessas mum) as she IS Vanessa and that makes my head hurt Splitting Headache! 
Also I am not going to use parents/guardians as teachers :) that's just not fair to the kids.

Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! Reminder OMG - Watch that 
 I don’t use animal characters, robots, aliens or other characters that are so un-humanoid so I’d have to change their appearance to an quite unrecognisable extent to fit in to this AU.

So if anyone has any ideas. Let them rip.

Unless it is my secret identaties and they who have already been used in comics None is written in stone btw. so if you think you have a better suggestion...?
So if anyone has any ideas. Let them rip.

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It’s been forever since I last asked you guys to help me design clothing for the Disney High School characters.:excited: 

Bullet; Red Bullet; Red Bullet; Red ClosedBullet; Red Bullet; Red Bullet; Red 

We’re back to school, everyday-wear. :bademoticon: 

Silver Square BulletYellow Square BulletSilver Square Bullet These are the characters I accept entries for  Silver Square BulletYellow Square BulletSilver Square Bullet

Green Square Bullet Meg (Pop-goth, dark colours, heavy makeup, enjoys spikes, skulls, lace  and such)
Green Square Bullet Belle (Book-nerd. Aims to look somewhat like a stereotypical librarian. Wears glasses. Beautiful and practical.)
Green Square Bullet Ariel (Extraterrestrial enthusiast. Likes to wear things that can double as antennas in her hair. likes bright colours and to pile on the accessories and prints. “Too much” isn’t in her vocabulary. )
Green Square Bullet Rapunzel (Raised very strict with conservative parents, high necklines and low hems or long trousers. wears cute and comfy. Has extremely long hair. No pierced ears.) 
Green Square Bullet Hercules (Nice jock, he wears his football jersey, he dresses practical and comfortably, fashion isn’t his thing.)
Green Square Bullet Eugene/Flynn (Self acclaimed bad-boy and Don Juan. He like rock, leather jackets, and doesn't want people to know he's poor. Likes music and playing videogames.)
Green Square Bullet Quasimodo (Very nerdy, is a hunchback, sweetheart, loves escapism like fantasy and Sci-fi, and is extremely insecure.)

:fish:a tip: I enjoy funny and/or refernence based prints.

Yellow Square Bullet You may submit one design per character if you so wish
Purple Square Bullet the designs must be drawn (self-made) and not in written, Polyvore or doll form.
Red Square Bullet Last submission date: the 18
th of April.
Blue Square Bullet  "winners" will be presented in the upcoming comics. (Some will have to wait even longer than others.)
Pink Square Bullet Leave a link to the design here in the comments.


Cheerleader  Good luck and I hope this is still a thing you guy wanna do cuz it was one of my favourite things with the seires until I wrote that "Concert thing" and no one changed clothes for like 14 strips ^^;

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:bulletgreen: Drawing Contest :bulletgreen:

:winner: :iconpikachuiscoolio:
:star :Prize: Picture of two characters of your choice (in colour or with background or two extra characters)

:bulletblue: Writing Contest :bulletblue:

:winner: :iconladydesmoria:
:star: Prize: Picture of two characters (in black and white with background)

:bulletpurple: Colouring Contest :bulletpurple:

:winner: :iconsilvernox:
:star: Prize: picture of one character of your choice (in colour)

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  • Watching: Almost Human

I had a poll to gauge the interest and I must say I was surprised that the drawing contest got so much votes considering none entered last year.:?

Also surprised how many didn’t want me to have a contest. It isn’t like I’m forcing people…^^;

:bulletgreen: Drawing Contest :bulletgreen:

:star: I wish you to draw me something based one ONE of these three sentences:
- Slytherin for the win!
- Ariel put her foot in her mouth
- Daddy Thranduil

:winner: Prize: Picture of two characters of your choice (in colour or with background or two extra characters)


:bulletblue: Writing Contest :bulletblue:

:star: I wish you to write me a story with 800 – 1200 words, named ONE of these names

- “That day in Disney high school”   with Ariel in it somehow
- “A beautiful day in Hogsmeade” featuring either Cassandra or Artemis or both

:winner: Prize: Picture of two characters (in black and white with background)


:bulletpurple: Colouring Contest :bulletpurple:

:star: I wish you to colour ONE (or two at most) of these pictures for me

link -->…

:winner: Prize: picture of one character bust of your choice (in colour)



:fish: You submit a link to your entry here in this journal comments
:fish: You may enter all three contest but only one entry per contest,
except the colouring contest from which you may submit two. But separately.
:fish: Last day of submission is the 13
of march, my birthday. :cake:
:fish: I am the supreme judge, jury and prize manufacturer, all hail me.

Good luck :#1:

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Hi Internet :wave:

So I’m always in search for the next book/book series to read. :D
(well I don’t really read, I listen to audio books but it's all the same ;P )

Can you give me some suggestions?

:heart: I'm in too:
Fantasy, good story arch, non-perfect characters 
I also like: assassins, court intrigue, angst, war, fun with genders, races and sexuality, spies, tricksters, some romance, con artists and humour.

But not all books contain all that (the Discworld series do)

So if you know any books that contain some of that preferably the first three things do give me a suggestion. I’d love to get some more suggestions or give some to you :)

Be sparse with the YA. I can’t seem to be able to get in to that these days. :(
Okay my Lovelies, I'm gonna have to be firm with you now. NO young adult books/series PLEASE


THANK YOU! :glomp:

Books I have read and like

 Discworld series. – sir Terry Pratchett :star::star::star::star::star:
Smart funny Humour Fantasy, different protagonists and stories throughout the series. 
Mistborn seriesBrandon Sanderson :star::star::star::star::star:
Epic Fantasy, rollercoaster with surprises that will leave you guessing
The Kingkiller chroniclesPatrik Ruthfuss :star::star::star::star::star-half:
Epic Fantasy, becoming the ledged, nicely told by the hero.
The Gentlemen bastards seriesScott Lynch :star::star::star::star::star-half:
Fantasy, trickster, con-artist, slowly revealing story told by past and present,
First Law series Joe Abacrombie :star::star::star::star::star-empty:
Dark epic fantasy, quest, anti-heroes, war, epicness
Temeraire series Naomi Novak :star::star::star::star-half::star-empty:
Historical Fantasy, Napoleonic wars with dragons, easy read
Kushiel series Jacqueline Carey :star::star::star::star::star-empty:
Fantasy, spying, adult, court intrigue, adult, romance, quests, adult.
The curse of Chalion - Lois McMaster Bujold :star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty:
Fantasy, court intrigue, romance, easy read
ElantrisBrandon Sanderson :star::star::star::star-half::star-empty:
Fantasy, troubled land, magic, romance

I’ve read more but these I recommend of the top of my head.

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  • Drinking: Sooo much coffee
:heart:Dear Internet
I haven't truly had time for you as I'm trying to force my life to move forward insted of forever being frozen in the same place. :shakefist:
This sadly for you my beloved viewers, means that I haven't prioraticed your pleasures. :(

The 2013 halloween comic will not be finished without help.
(The D.H.S. strip for October won't be done, help or no)

Is there a chance of help?

:pumpkin: Is there some amazing person out there willing to colour it?
you will get credit and you can ofcourse upload it in you gallery as well but you'll credit me tool.
:pumpkin: I only have the pictures, No jokes no nothing.
Maybe after it's uploaded there could be suggestions of what is being said between the characters...? I've had that done before and the outcome has been hilarious.

This or nothing I'm afraid my sweets,
I hope you have a magical Halloween all the same. :blackrose:
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  • Watching: Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D

For Halloween the past 4 years I've made the same joke based comic strip.
I've made Disney characters dress up as the opposite gender. 




I understand this is popular… I on the other hand am out of ideas and am not fond of repeating the same joke over and over.  And I will not do so. :slamhead:

Do you have another idea on the same line? :painter:
:police:And I am not tackling heroes cross-dressing as the villains it's been done, very very very much done. I don't crave originality but at least not something common.

Or! Would you like me to make a Halloween picture based on D.H:S.?

or something else maybe.. I know it's early to ask but I really need the time to finish such a big project, write script, draw, colour, layout, set text+ having a life and job=TIME :movingon:


I wish one could remove this like one could in the old days or atlest disable the comments. Thanks guys I got suggestions and I found insperation for somthing fun.

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MY DA ISN'T WOKRING. I can't klick enter, then the entire site freezes. I can't upload anything. It won't accept it just gives me an error images. On top of that the display is of the reservation. my computer is showing a bggy vertion of a mobile-esk display and the uploading department is dual and the images are disapering out of the magins... That and now I got some weird toolbar blocking my menues, a toolbar I can't remove. Guys I've written to DA suport. three days ago. But I can't upload anything while this is going on. And my answering to Comments are going to be weird or fewer than ushal due to the whole freezing thing. So until this is fixed I'm off DA. Sorry guys I can't do anything I've really tried. Looked trhough all the suport and FAQ. So...see ya ^^;


:bulletred:EDIT: PROBLEM GONE!!! :dance: :w00t: :happybounce: