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:bulletgreen: Drawing Contest :bulletgreen:

:winner: :iconpikachuiscoolio:
:star :Prize: Picture of two characters of your choice (in colour or with background or two extra characters)

:bulletblue: Writing Contest :bulletblue:

:winner: :iconladydesmoria:
:star: Prize: Picture of two characters (in black and white with background)

:bulletpurple: Colouring Contest :bulletpurple:

:winner: :iconsilvernox:
:star: Prize: picture of one character of your choice (in colour)

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I had a poll to gauge the interest and I must say I was surprised that the drawing contest got so much votes considering none entered last year.:?

Also surprised how many didn’t want me to have a contest. It isn’t like I’m forcing people…^^;

:bulletgreen: Drawing Contest :bulletgreen:

:star: I wish you to draw me something based one ONE of these three sentences:
- Slytherin for the win!
- Ariel put her foot in her mouth
- Daddy Thranduil

:winner: Prize: Picture of two characters of your choice (in colour or with background or two extra characters)


:bulletblue: Writing Contest :bulletblue:

:star: I wish you to write me a story with 800 – 1200 words, named ONE of these names

- “That day in Disney high school”   with Ariel in it somehow
- “A beautiful day in Hogsmeade” featuring either Cassandra or Artemis or both

:winner: Prize: Picture of two characters (in black and white with background)


:bulletpurple: Colouring Contest :bulletpurple:

:star: I wish you to colour ONE (or two at most) of these pictures for me

link -->…

:winner: Prize: picture of one character bust of your choice (in colour)



:fish: You submit a link to your entry here in this journal comments
:fish: You may enter all three contest but only one entry per contest,
except the colouring contest from which you may submit two. But separately.
:fish: Last day of submission is the 13
of march, my birthday. :cake:
:fish: I am the supreme judge, jury and prize manufacturer, all hail me.

Good luck :#1:

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Hi Internet :wave:

So I’m always in search for the next book/book series to read. :D
(well I don’t really read, I listen to audio books but it's all the same ;P )

Can you give me some suggestions?

:heart: I'm in too:
Fantasy, good story arch, non-perfect characters 
I also like: assassins, court intrigue, angst, war, fun with genders, races and sexuality, spies, tricksters, some romance, con artists and humour.

But not all books contain all that (the Discworld series do)

So if you know any books that contain some of that preferably the first three things do give me a suggestion. I’d love to get some more suggestions or give some to you :)

Be sparse with the YA. I can’t seem to be able to get in to that these days. :(
Okay my Lovelies, I'm gonna have to be firm with you now. NO young adult books/series PLEASE


THANK YOU! :glomp:

Books I have read and like

 Discworld series. – sir Terry Pratchett :star::star::star::star::star:
Smart funny Humour Fantasy, different protagonists and stories throughout the series. 
Mistborn seriesBrandon Sanderson :star::star::star::star::star:
Epic Fantasy, rollercoaster with surprises that will leave you guessing
The Kingkiller chroniclesPatrik Ruthfuss :star::star::star::star::star-half:
Epic Fantasy, becoming the ledged, nicely told by the hero.
The Gentlemen bastards seriesScott Lynch :star::star::star::star::star-half:
Fantasy, trickster, con-artist, slowly revealing story told by past and present,
First Law series Joe Abacrombie :star::star::star::star::star-empty:
Dark epic fantasy, quest, anti-heroes, war, epicness
Temeraire series Naomi Novak :star::star::star::star-half::star-empty:
Historical Fantasy, Napoleonic wars with dragons, easy read
Kushiel series Jacqueline Carey :star::star::star::star::star-empty:
Fantasy, spying, adult, court intrigue, adult, romance, quests, adult.
The curse of Chalion - Lois McMaster Bujold :star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty:
Fantasy, court intrigue, romance, easy read
ElantrisBrandon Sanderson :star::star::star::star-half::star-empty:
Fantasy, troubled land, magic, romance

I’ve read more but these I recommend of the top of my head.

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:heart:Dear Internet
I haven't truly had time for you as I'm trying to force my life to move forward insted of forever being frozen in the same place. :shakefist:
This sadly for you my beloved viewers, means that I haven't prioraticed your pleasures. :(

The 2013 halloween comic will not be finished without help.
(The D.H.S. strip for October won't be done, help or no)

Is there a chance of help?

:pumpkin: Is there some amazing person out there willing to colour it?
you will get credit and you can ofcourse upload it in you gallery as well but you'll credit me tool.
:pumpkin: I only have the pictures, No jokes no nothing.
Maybe after it's uploaded there could be suggestions of what is being said between the characters...? I've had that done before and the outcome has been hilarious.

This or nothing I'm afraid my sweets,
I hope you have a magical Halloween all the same. :blackrose:
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For Halloween the past 4 years I've made the same joke based comic strip.
I've made Disney characters dress up as the opposite gender. 




I understand this is popular… I on the other hand am out of ideas and am not fond of repeating the same joke over and over.  And I will not do so. :slamhead:

Do you have another idea on the same line? :painter:
:police:And I am not tackling heroes cross-dressing as the villains it's been done, very very very much done. I don't crave originality but at least not something common.

Or! Would you like me to make a Halloween picture based on D.H:S.?

or something else maybe.. I know it's early to ask but I really need the time to finish such a big project, write script, draw, colour, layout, set text+ having a life and job=TIME :movingon:


I wish one could remove this like one could in the old days or atlest disable the comments. Thanks guys I got suggestions and I found insperation for somthing fun.

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MY DA ISN'T WOKRING. I can't klick enter, then the entire site freezes. I can't upload anything. It won't accept it just gives me an error images. On top of that the display is of the reservation. my computer is showing a bggy vertion of a mobile-esk display and the uploading department is dual and the images are disapering out of the magins... That and now I got some weird toolbar blocking my menues, a toolbar I can't remove. Guys I've written to DA suport. three days ago. But I can't upload anything while this is going on. And my answering to Comments are going to be weird or fewer than ushal due to the whole freezing thing. So until this is fixed I'm off DA. Sorry guys I can't do anything I've really tried. Looked trhough all the suport and FAQ. So...see ya ^^;


:bulletred:EDIT: PROBLEM GONE!!! :dance: :w00t: :happybounce:

You know… I'm not a patient person. :slamhead:

I got a surprisingly short fuse and a tendency for acting and talking before thinking. It's put me in a lot of trouble and unenviable situations over the years…:sarcasm:


But I am getting feed up with people reacting in annoying manners to my old Disney pictures, you know the ones under the gallery label "Disney" and they are mostly in colour and I made all of the characters really flawed and horrible for kicks and laughs… :threaten:


I honestly feel that with in a year I'm gonna loose my cool and just remove all of them an take 'em off the web. :steaming:

No honestly, if I get another sullen comment, especially on 2010's "Tea-Sing"…  or "Never apologise"… :boo: about how who's a princess or meg's royalty I'm gonna explode. :frustrated:

Or on How Pocahontas and John Smith shouldn't be together or How Ariel is a Bi:butterfly:ch or a Sl:butterfly:t or a horrible person or how they hate her…or for that matter how they AGREE and hate her! :fork: I'm gonna go booooom. :pissedoff:


I mean I can sigh and shake my head at the "When's this or that character gonna arrive" :roll:

and I can grumpily ignore all the demands of more more and more and next next next. :unimpressed:

But I just can't take year upon year of people just butchering my jokes and getting upset about it. :bleh:  What's the point of me having 'em up here if I can't enjoy it? :raincloud:


So…. Yeah I'm rather somewhat extremely annoyed about that at the moment…:movingon:

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I still am no fan of designing clothes. Determining styles is fun, but then trying to come up with the clothing itself is just really hard. That's why I have you guys :D

People keep wanting to help me design clothes for the various characters and now you guys got two weeks to do it again per request :)


:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Design for these characters :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:
:bulletblue: Kida: is a rebel, synth/punk, helpful, adventurous, colour black and  facial paint.
:bulletblue: Vanessa: Is the schools queen of nasty. Attention seeking, Likes to have expensive things. Always wants to be number one in everything
:bulletblue: Milo: nerd, gamer, Book devourer extraordinaire, adventurer at heart, has glasses and rocks the grandfather style
:bulletblue: Quasimodo: nerdy, is a hunchback, sweetheart, loves escapism like fantasy, extremely insecure.  
:bulletblue: Charlotte: Likes Fashion, expensive things, Pink, high end, frilly, feminine, cute.

:fish: a tip: I like funny and/or reference based prints. And remember, they are trying to look a bit dolled up as it is a night out.

You got two weeks, you may design one set of clothes per character if you wish.
:bulletred:No polywore, no dolls, not written form.
:bulletyellow: due date: 20 June
:bulletblue:  "winners" will be presented as they appear in the upcoming comics. (Some will have to wait even longer than others.)
:bulletpink: Leave a link to the design here in the comments.

Good luck people! I your supreme judge, look forward to each entry. It's always hard to choose. May the odds be ever in your favour. :happybounce:

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This is slightly different form the others, it's not for everyday wear.
It's time for the Snarfblat's concert, and people want to look a little extra nice for their night out. :eager:

I'm gonna need a lot due to all the people.
Due to this I will not just be asking for clothes for people appearing in the next comic strip but for people in the upcoming once as well.  

:bulletgreen::bulletwhite::bulletgreen:The ones I ask you submit designs for are::bulletgreen::bulletwhite::bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: Rapunzel (Raised very strict and conservative parents, high necklines and low hems or long trousers. wears cute but not too cute. Has extremely long hair. No pierced ears.)
:bulletgreen: Jasmine (Rich, likes influences form the orient. Gucci, expensive, feminine are key words. Hair band or tiara-esk head ornament. Big jewellery if any. )
:bulletgreen: Belle(Likes to dress like a librarian. Wears glasses, could be called a  hipster, likes pop references and has 4 pierced wholes in her right ear. )
:bulletgreen: Meg ( is a pop-goth, dark colours, heavy extreme makeup. )
:bulletgreen: Esmeralda (Feminist, opinionated, likes books, causes, equality and the 80s)

:bulletgreen: Kuzco (A fashion conscious, self-centred, over-the-top, attention seeking lovable chatterbox. Has earrings in both ears.)
:bulletgreen: Flynn (self acclaimed bad-boy and Don Juan. He like rock, leather jackets, and doesn't want people to know he's poor. Likes music and playing videogames. )
:bulletgreen: Eric (A laid back guitarist with rich parents. Doesn't want to be the centre of attention. Nice guy who's secretly a romantic. Quite fashionable but nothing extreme.)
:bulletgreen: Hercules (On the football team, very athletic, kind, likes music, dresses practically.)
:bulletgreen: Aladdin (a funny, high spirited guy. Quite poor. Likes to play video games, and sports. Baggy pants.)
:bulletgreen: Adam (Hides his shyness with a gruff attitude. Likes to dress intimidating so people don't come to close. Likes heavy metal and his motorcycle. Is a romantic at heart)

:fish: a tip: I like funny and/or reference based prints.

:bulletyellow: You may submit one design per character, if you actually want to do that ^^;
:bulletred: the designs must  be in self-made art form and not in written,  Polyvore or doll form!
:bulletorange: Last submission date: May Second. 2/5!!!
:bulletblue:  "winners" will be presented in the upcoming comics.  (Some will have to wait even longer than others.)
:bulletpink: Leave a link to the design here in the comments.

:happybounce:Good luck :squee:
There will appear more people than this but honestly I couldn't really ask you guys for more, or I'd just write out the entire cast ;P
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Why I started it
I was going through DA:dalove: looking for a Disney high school comic, found several but they weren't updating anymore, really rarely or weren't strictly comics, more fun pictures with neat ideas.
After some persuading from some of my watchers, (thanks guys) I decided to make my own.…

I set some rules for myself to make a story such as this more plausible.
:bulletyellow:No Magic or supernatural powers.
:bulletyellow:No Animal/ humanoid animal characters.
:bulletyellow:No magical characters
:bulletyellow:No Aliens.
:bulletyellow:No super technology.
Exceptions: in references like on tees or if I drain the character of all it's said nonos and don't have to change the appearance and personality too much.

:bulletpurple: PLOT
I basically try to reinterpret the Disney stories in a modern high school setting. A real fancy high school at that

:bulletblue: MAIN CHARACTERS
Because it is hard and impossible for me to enact all the stories I will mainly focus on 5 stories and let all the other stories take a back seat roll.
Maybe I'll get around to them, maybe I'll just flirt with them. But they aren't the main focus!
I picked these stories out of personal preferences. I'm sorry but I'm the narrator so tough luck. I'll still feature a lot of other characters and stories. Some more than others, cuz again, I play the favouritism game.
These are the 5 main stories:
:bulletorange: Tangled
:bulletorange: Hunchback of Notre Dame
:bulletorange: The Little Mermaid
:bulletorange: Beauty and The Beast
:bulletorange: Hercules

:faq:Frequently Asked Questions.:faq:

Q:? Are you gonna show/feature (insert character) in your comic?
A:) Do they abide by the rules mentioned above? Yes? Probably eventually. No? No, reasons.

Q:? Are there characters you're not planning to include but they do abide by the aforementioned rules?
A:)Yes…There are several characters that I can think of right now that I at least don't have plans to include, but that might change with the plot.

Q:? Can I help you with clothes design for a character?
A:) I have contests now and then for that, please enter, just follow my journal to be notified!

Q:? When are you updating next?
A:) When I finished the next strip. I try to fisnished one per month. There's not any set deadlines.

Q:? I see (insert character) isn't featured, can I help you come up with their modern interpretation and plot line?
A:) I probably have a plan, or I'll ask for help in my journal, like I've done before.

A:) Sequels and their characters huh? I'm gonna have one or two polls in the future on two different plot points to see what you guys want. TV characters? No, forget about it. And don't hold your breath for sequels characters, as I said, there are two maybes, and I'll asked you guys about them.

More questions? Feel free to ask.
I'm really nice deep deeeeep deeeeeeeeep down. I'm just very bossy and stubborn. :forgiveme:
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Oh my god!

So many entries in my colouring contest and so many :cake:birthday:cake: wishes,
I feel so apriciated! :hug:
Thank you guys! :party:

And Thanks for all the llamas guys!… :boogie:

But each contest only have one winner :trophy:

:target: Colouring contest
:star: :iconmaygirl96: with…

:target: Writing contest
:star: :iconarsenxixquinn: with…

:target: Drawing contest
:star: No entry so no winner

Thank you guys!! :squee:
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It's my birthday the 13/3 :party: :cake: :squee:
The more perceptive math-heads out there realizes I'm gonna be 25.
Yes I'm a Pisces and a Dragon and I'm awesome. :superman:

Because I'm awesome I'm gonna have three different themed contests instead of one big one!!

:bulletred: Colour Contest! :bulletred:
:star: I want you to colour one of these drawings:…
One mind you.
You can quite easily separate them using the cutting tool in paint.

:winner: Prize: one bust character coloured

:bulletyellow: Story Contest! :bulletyellow:
:star: I want you to write me a story named "The princess who kicked ass!"
600-1000 words long

:winner: Prize: Two characters Full body BnW

:bulletblue: Drawing Contest! :bulletblue:
:star: I want you to draw me a picture of Ari and Cas pranking someone

:winner: Prize: 2 half body characters + either one more or in colour.

((((( If you want, you may indeed enter more than one of these. But only one entry per contest))))
Link your entry in the comments here.
Last due date. March the 13th

:evillaugh: :evillaugh: :evillaugh: :evillaugh: :evillaugh: :evillaugh: :evillaugh:
:cake:  :cake:  :cake:  :cake:
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Contest again!!! :typerhappy:

Why? 'Cuz it's super fun!!!:eager:
(Cards for the 14th don't count toward the story so don't mind them :D)

:bulletgreen::bulletwhite::bulletgreen:The ones you may submit designs for are::bulletgreen::bulletwhite::bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: Kuzco (A fashion conscious, self-centred, over-the-top, attention seeking lovable chatterbox. Has earrings in both ears.  
:bulletgreen: Esmeralda (Feminist, Kind, opinionated, likes books, causes, equality and the 80s.)
:bulletgreen: Vanessa(Is the schools queen of nasty, bitch. Attention seaking, Likes to have expensive things. Always wants to be number one in everything.)
:bulletgreen: Drizella ( sidekick. Likes fashion green. Bows likes to look extremly feminie and beautful)
:bulletgreen: Anastasia (Sidekick, likes pink fashion hearts, likes to look extremly feminie and cute)

:fish: a tip: I like funny and/or reference based prints.

:bulletyellow: You may submit one design per character, if you actually want to do that ^^;
:bulletred: the designs must  be in self-made art form and not in written or doll form!
:bulletorange: Last submission date: February 19th. 19/2!!!:
:bulletblue:  "winners" will be presented in the comic itself.
:bulletpink: Leave a link to the design here in the comments.

:happybounce:Good luck :squee:
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Let's face it people, the suggestion box (mainly) didn't work. :surrender:

Some of you had really good suggestions, some of you had suggestions I had already planed and I :heart: you 'cuz that means I'm on the right track.

I think it was mostly my fault it didn't work, I'm educated in communication but still I suck at it… go figure :shrug:

:bulletgreen:I decided to ask for more specific suggestions/help instead. :bulletgreen:

:bulletred: I need to keep the D.H.S. story somewhat streamlined, help!!!

:bulletyellow:  How can I adapt Rapunzel and Flynn's story?

:bulletyellow: How can I translate the Meg fools Herc thing?

:bulletyellow: How to make Eric mistake Ariel's singing for someone else's?

:bulletblue: Got any funny print ideas for peoples clothes? Any cute accessory ideas?

:bulletblue: In Eric's band where Eric plays guitar and Flynn sings, who else is in it
and what do they play?

:bulletblue: What's the name of their band?

:stormtrooper: That's all for now, got many other things figured out :plotting:

I think I have all that sorted, it worked aout way before I had planed but, yay great. Thanks everyone!!
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I have to do serious stuff, help with things and look for a job and be grown up and more boring stuff! :bored:
So too sheer me up we're gonna have another design contest.
:bulletblack: The prize is having your design featured in one or several comics (depending on how often the character is featured for a while).  

:bulletgreen::bulletwhite::bulletgreen:The ones you may submit designs for are::bulletgreen::bulletwhite::bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen:Eric (A laid back guitarist with rich parents. Doesn't want to be the centre of attention. Nice guy who's secretly a romantic.)
:bulletgreen:Aurora (Likes to dress in pink or blue, but I don't colour… 50s style goodie-two-shoes. Good grades, likes to study, sing and animals.)
:bulletgreen:Snow white(Likes the Japanese school girl look with fun accessories. Goodie-two-shoes, Likes to sing, study, animals, rules and favourite class is home economics.)
:bulletgreen:Cinderella(Has glasses. Dress in second-hand clothes due to evil step mom and sisters. though second-hand is cool. Hand-me-downs as well. Has a bit of a OCD about cleaning and order. Likes to sing, study, animals rules and her favourite class is defiantly home economics.)

:fish: a tip: I like funny and/or reference based prints

:bulletyellow: You may submit one design per character, if you actually want to do that ^^;
:bulletred: the designs must  be in self-made art form and not in written or doll form! collages are acceptable  
:bulletorange: Last submission date: January 28th. 28/1!!!:
:bulletblue:  "winners" will be presented in the comic itself.
:bulletpink:Leave a link to the design here in the comments.

Good luck :squee:
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Disney High School Clothes Design Contest :woohoo: :boogie:
:bulletred: CLOSED :bulletred:
I am contrary to popular belief ;P not very good at designing clothing or putting together ensembles. In real life nor in the fictional world. I don't care for design or labels or accessories… :shrug: I dress in, what I like to call Sloth-nerd...caring not for the outcome.

:blahblah:What interests me is the representation the wearer of the clothes is trying to say or for that matter what they are saying with the clothes and accessories without trying. Their interests, their favourite colour, their income, how structured they are and if their single or not. Even what they work with and on and on it goes. That's why I love such categories such as: punk, hippie, nerd, goodie-two-shoes, hipster, goth, jock and brat and all those other genres. They can show an interest in fashion, sports, a special sort of music, a wish to belong or stand out, rebel or conform. It's  fun to observe that small part of someone's personality they choose or unconsciously choose to show the world.So it's real fun to try to figure that out for the Disney characters, but then I have to go in to detail… :sleep: Boring! I know nothing about dress cuts or what is in or out, what's too much or too little.I spend a long time for each character researching clothes just to be able to dress them in detail and not just in broad terms..maybe I am just dressing them in broad terms but now you all know why.:movingon:

So the short of it: I thought I'd have a little contest. Just for fun.

:bulletgreen:The prize is having your design featured in one or several comics (depending on how often the character is featured for a while).  
:bulletblack: my next comic will feature: Belle, Ariel, Rapunzel, Beast/Adam, Megara and Kida.So these six will be the ones that you can suggest designs for.
:bulletyellow: You may submit one design per character, if you actually want to do that ^^;
:bulletred: the designs must  be in self-made art form and not in written or doll form! collages are acceptable  
I won't be able to upload anything I haven't drawn before I went home to my parents until next year and I am pretty busy this holiday so I won't be able to draw much so... be patient.:forgiveme:
:bulletorange: Last submission date: January third. 3/1!!! (so I can start drawing) :eager:
:bulletblue:  "winners" will be presented in the comic itself.
if this is popular and well received, I will have more of these :)
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People like to give me suggestions. :)
Many I will look over and go…"naaaa" :shrug:
But just now and then someone will come with a comment that just makes sense or makes me giggle:giggle: and I feel I might just want to use:nod: the suggestion. Big things small things, middle size…
And if I use them, like I have and will with some, I want to credit the people. But I have a rather large gallery and I have no idea were that specific comment is. So I felt I need a suggestion box.

TAADAAA :woohoo:
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:bulletgreen:I am letting you guys know
But Commissions are closing. Christmas is coming and time getting eaten up.

:bulletred:Prizes and stuff here:

:bulletyellow:I closed 'em at the 4th of November:bulletyellow:

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I had two entries one in each category. One fluff and one funny.
Both were rather funny and fluffy but I think each of them had one of the two segments tip over.
:bulletblue::Winner in the fluff segment was:
:iconemogirl1820: with warning it's a smutty story.
:bulletred: Winner in the funny segment was:
:iconsofiathehutt: with…

Both won first prize as promised. I feel though that this was the last contest for the year as the interest was so ridiculously low. As it have been for most of my contests. Maybe I'll have a b-day one next year too. But I am not promising anything. Thank you contestants
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I have thing to do, but no job so plenty of time to do them in. But I am spoiled and want to have more things to do and to be entertained. So we are going to have a contest.

:bulletblue:I have been itching to draw something with Ari, Cas, Ben and the others… But I can't think of anything. So I want you to do it.

Two Categories
1. Fluff
2. Funny
No need to use All of the OC's but you have to use at least one.
Artemis, Benvolio, Cassandra, Lucas, Sethos or/and Seraphime.

:bulletyellow: 3 people picture with coloured background
:bulletwhite: 2 people picture with BnW bg or 2 people coloured no bg
:bulletorange:1 person picture BnW and no background

There will be two first prices one for each category.
And two second if the entries reaches over 7
And two bronze if the entries reaches over 11
the prices might not be for each category if one is underrepresented.

Draw or write (if write keep it less than 2100 words)
Due date 15/9

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